Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Tip of the Day: A house that smells fresh gives the impression that it is clean and tidy. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before you go to bed to absorb any odors in your home. Then vacuum in the morning for a fresh smelling home

Not a picture of my house.
(I never let pictures be taken in my house when it looks this bad. LOL)

I would much rather be sewing or playing with my kids than cleaning my house. Surely I am not the only one. I learned a long time ago that there are only so many hours in the day and the first thing that had to go was keeping a spotless house.

Yes, it feels GREAT on those days when I feel really productive and get my house all cleaned up. I love to have everything in its place. (Now if I could just figure out where that place is.) Unfortunately those days are few and far between.

We have started to make cleaning up the floor and putting all of the toys away part of our night time routine. We have our "clean up " song that we sing while my daughter picks up her toys. Then the floor is clean when we go to bed. It is ready for the baking soda and then it smells fresh and clean in the morning.

I love this tip because it is a quick cheat. ( I can find time for those.) It helps my house to feel fresh and clean even when I don't always have time to keep it that way. I especially love this in the winter time when it is too cold out to open the windows and air out the house.

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