Friday, October 2, 2009

Let Them Cook!!!

Mommy Tip ofthe Day: Let your toddlers "help" you cook in the kitchen. Give her a drawer full of her own cooking supplies (pots, pans, spoons, etc...) She will have a blast helping you cook and will stay entertained so that you can cook.

Dinner time is such a frustration for me. I tend to hover a bit more than I probably need to, but I always want to know what my girls are doing and hope that they are not getting into things that they are not supposed to.

It is hard for me to hover at dinner time. I am not always the best at multitasking, especially when I am trying to multitask in separate rooms. I have pretty good hearing, but often a blender or sizzeling pan will hamper my mommy ears. I find that I am the most sucessful when I let the girls play in the kitchen with me.

I always worry when I let the girls play in the kitchen that the younger one will play in the kitty food. Who are we kidding....I am worried that she is going to eat the kitty food and ruin her appetite. My older one loves to help, but often that means that she wants to hand me the knife or pour the entire container of salt into the recipe or find some other way to be "helpful". I FINALLY learned that if I let the girls "cook" together that they will entertain each other, stay out of the kitty food, and have a great time.

When I am really adventurous, I even let them cook water soup :)

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